Monday, July 6, 2020

As Caregivers we need to keep our strength...

In order to take care of our loved ones or our patients, and sometimes both. We absolutely need to take care of ourselves. I started following Sherry Zack Morris to strengthen my legs and knees, as I use them a lot on a daily basis. I'm not getting any younger and about a month ago I messed up my knee don't ask me how it just happened. Oh, geez the pain, I said; oh, I don't think so!

I researched for some exercises and found Sherry among a few others, I really like
her vibe, it resonates with me.
It's been about four weeks that I started this routine, and I can definitely say I have noticed a change in my legs and I have no pain in my knee, I also started collagen supplements, I think a combination of both helped me a lot.
I thought caregivers would appreciate a video that can help tone and maintain muscle mass. It's easy to do and you really see the results with daily practice.  I leave you with this video to add to your routine, trust me it works!
I don't receive any monies from Sherry or her representatives. I share this video because I think it's important that as caregivers we need to take care of ourselves, in order for us to take care of others.

We are on this bumpy road together, you are not alone!
Be Prepared, Be Informed, Be Empowered.
I send you lots of virtual good vibes.