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7 Legal Documents you Need to Know About

When my Dad ended up in the hospital it was the hardest thing we had to go thru. Even though we were in complete shock as it was very sudden. I remember being completely numb, I as the oldest was the one making all the decisions. As he had to be put on life support, which was something that he didn't want and he expressed those wishes continuously, almost as he knew. I had to make that decision to put him on life support because we needed to wait for one of my sisters and it took her a day to get back. My Dad had a large family and everybody had an opinion on what needed to be done, as I was explaining to them that as soon as my sister arrived he would be taken off life support, of course, that didn't go very well. Even though I kept explaining that he didn't want the ventilator. The best thing that our dad left for us was that, instructions on what he didn't want and what he wanted. He also requested to be cremated. Which also became a topic of disagreement with his very catholic family. My sisters and I made sure his wishes were honored.

I'm sharing this because in my line of work I have seen so many families completely at odds with each other because they can't seem to agree on how to best proceed when their loved one has reached a point that those decisions can't be made by them anymore. It is one of the many hard conversations that a child can have with a parent. Now imagine if the relationship is fractured, it is loaded with mixed emotions. With our mom that has been diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia, that conversation was had with her about 7 years ago, when we started to notice that things weren't quite right. We sort of knew that she would have some sort of memory impairment, as her dad died from complications of Alzheimer's disease. My middle sister had to be the one to approach her about making the arrangements since she has always been my mom's favorite daughter. I'm the one that has the medical power of attorney, my middle sister has control over her financials, and our younger sister well, she is the one that takes her to her doctor's appointments.

When I found the information that I'm about to share with you, I was very pleased, as I didn't look for it, I stumbled into it. But it is another little precious gold nugget, very valuable information and I like how straight forward it is explained. I need to give you a disclaimer, I'm not receiving any financial compensation form their web site at all. As I mentioned before I think it's very informative.

Estate planning is the process of establishing a framework to manage your assets upon death, disability, or incapacity. It involves creating documents that outline your wishes. While estate planning is not a pleasant task, it is critical that you implement it before you need it. Here are seven critical documents necessary to cover the aspects of a well-devised estate plan.

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7 documents you need to fill out before you die

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